TV Commercials

It is often interesting to see how companies around the world advertise their products, so we have collected details of television adverts run by mobile phone networks around the world

If you are a network or agency with adverts you would like added to this archive, please contact us.


Azerbaijan - Azercell

Building a new tower block has been featured on their SIM cards View
Offering prizes to new subscribers, with an "Arabian Nights" theme View
Seems to feature some of their corporate customers (1) View
Seems to feature some of their corporate customers (2) View
Seems to feature some of their corporate customers (3) View
Lady dancing on a changing background then morphs onto a SIM card View
Not sure - seems to be offering a special deal for a dual subscription View
Significant change from the above adverts, more stylish and moody rather than trying to sell a "special offer". View

Azerbaijan - Bakcell

No idea! Has a young child laughing a lot, and balloons. View
Ditto  View
Ditto View
Those balloons again - but this time promoting low cost handsets View
Lots of scenes of people talking and texting in a "sepia" colour style  View
Launching a new low cost tariff in the style of a New Years Eve celebration  View
Seems to be lots of photos with scribbles to indicate something  View

India - Reliance

Promotes the launch of Colour Screen Phones View

Montenegro - Promonte

Interesting interpretation of the idea of streaming music over 3G phones View

Oman - Nawras

Generic branding advert View
Fastest growing operator in Oman - with discount call offer View

Romania - Zapp

God uses 3G wireless to download his prayer requests View

Ukraine - UMC

Futuristic vision promoting the launch of EDGE wireless broadband View


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