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Middle-East Operators Invest in New Submarine Cable

A consortium of telecoms operators in the Middle-East has been formed to build a high-bandwidth regional transmission cable system for the region.  more

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Vodafone and Zain Sign Partnership Agreement

Vodafone has confirmed the details of the previously rumoured talks with Zain and is to expand its Partner Market presence in the Middle East. more

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Vodafone Said to be in Talks to Expand Marketing Agreement with Zain

Vodafone Group is said to be close to signing a marketing deal with Kuwait's Zain Group which would see the Vodafone brand expand across the Middle-East. more

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Vodafone India CEO to Retire at the End of March

Vodafone has announced that the CEO of its Indian subsidiary, Asim Ghosh is to retire in March - and named Marten Pieters as his replacement. Ghosh will however continue as a non-executive member on the board of Vodafone Essar. more

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The Top-10 Fastest Growing Mobile Operators in Mid-East/Africa

The ten fastest growing operators in the MEA region added over 12m new customers in aggregate over the last three months, implying an average gain of over 1.25m. In fact, all but three of the ten managed seven figure gains. more

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Bahrain Issues New Instruction for Roaming Mobile Subscribers

Bahrain's telecoms regulator has issued an order to the country's telecoms networks requiring them to offer more information about roaming costs when customers are overseas. more

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Portuguese telecoms company competes for third mobile license in Mozambique

Portugal's leading telecommunication company (PT) has said it plans to bid for Mozambique’s international tender in 2009 for the third mobile telephony license in Mozambique. more

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Zain Launches HSPA Network in Ghana

Today marks the launch in Accra, the country’s capital city, with over US$420 million invested in network infrastructure Zain will be rapidly rolling out the network across the country. more

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Arab Region Nears 200 Million Mobile Subscribers

A new report from Arab Advisors Group has found that Arab telecom operators served 194.5 million cellular subscribers and 35 million mainlines by end of June 2008. more

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Credit crisis brings telecoms to a turning point

With the exception of a few truly global carriers - Vodafone, Hutchison, and smaller players such as SingTel Optus, Zain, MTN, and Etisalat - most of the world’s service providers operate primarily within one country. Overseas investments are often managed at arm’s length. This crisis could force a change in this landscape. more

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