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Microsoft Starts Cross-Promoting Desktop and Mobile Apps in App Stores

Microsoft has announced upgrades to its Development Centres with the aim of more closely tying in the mobile and desktop app services. more

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Netsize Adds Carrier Billing Support for Windows Phone Apps

Billing services provider, Netsize says that it has added support for Microsoft's Windows Phone Store enabling purchases to be charged direct to the consumer's phone bill. more

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First WP 8.1 Based Smartphone from Samsung Under Development

Microsoft's announcement of its Windows Phone OS upgrade came too late for Samsung and Verizon as they start taking pre-orders for the Samsung Ativ SE, Samsung is already working on a model that will support the new software. more

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Microsoft to Offer Windows Phone OS as Free Software to Handset Vendors

Microsoft is taking steps to try and encourage more handset manufacturers to support its Windows Phone OS, by giving it away for free. more

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Nokia SHows Off Three New Lumia Smartphones

Nokia has announced three Lumia smartphones based on Windows Phone 8.1 and a series of exclusive Nokia features. more

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Microsoft Shows Off Windows Phone OS Upgrade

Microsoft has announced the launch of its latest Windows Phone OS upgrade -- to version 8.1 -- at its developer conference. more

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Huawei Backs Away from Dual-Boot Smartphones

Huawei has backtracked on previously announced plans to develop a dual-boot smartphone that could support both Android and Windows Phone. more

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Microsoft Accidentally Leaks Windows Phone OS Update

Rumours have been heightened that Microsoft is close to releasing an update to uts Windows Phone OS following an apparent leak on the company's own website. more

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Microsoft Releases Document Scanner for Windows Phone

Microsoft has launched an app for Windows Phones that enables users to take photos of documents and upload them to its OneNote service. more

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Nokia Takes a Million Pre-Orders for its Android Smartphone

Nokia's new hybrid Android smartphone -- the Nokia X -- appears to be popular in China, as the company has just announced that it has taken a million pre-orders for the handset. more

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