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Airspan Networks SHows Off Compact WiMAX Base Station

The company said that the Air4Gs is designed to address the connectivity needs of rural and low population density applications, as well as filling in coverage on the edge of an urban service area. more

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1,000th WiMAX Base Station Installed in Spain

Spanish WiMAX network operator, Iberbanda says that it has deployed its 1,000th Alvarion supplied base station.  more

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Wireless Backhaul to Go Next-Generation by 2012

Based on IDC's research of the Asia/Pacific (including Japan) carrier network equipment market, IDC predicts that there will be over 3 million basestations and over 1.8 million cell sites in by 2012, representing a growth of 24.3% and 10.7% respectively from 2008. more

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WiMAX Subscribers in India to Exceed 13 Million by 2013

Deployment of 3G and WiMAX streams will generate a reasonable user base over the next 5 year period, before noticeable LTE deployments begin to make an impact in India, more

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Motorola to Expand Taiwanese WiMAX Network

Taiwan's Far EasTone Telecom (FET) has awarded Motorola additional contracts to expand its WiMAX network in Taichung, Taiwan. more

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Next-Generation Mobile Broadband Technologies to Close the Gap With Fixed Broadband

Mobile operators are expected to fully maximise their HSPA deployments before eventually deploying LTE. Many operators will leapfrog from HSPA to 3G LTE, as the window of opportunity for HSPA Evolved is insignificant when compared to 3G LTE. more

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1.45 Million BWA/WiMAX Subscribers Added in 2008

Worldwide, approximately 1.45 million BWA/WiMAX subscribers were added during 2008, while the WCDMA subscriber base increased by more than 90 million. The average quarter-over-quarter subscriber growth rate in 2008 was 21.5%, more

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Craig Wireless Signs Greek WiMAX Reseller Deal

Craig Wireless' Greek subsidiary Craig Wireless Hellas has entered into an agreement to provide Net One subscribers with access to its WiMAX network. more

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Radiocomp Demos Protocol-Agnostic Remote Radio Head for LTE Networks

Infrastructure vendor, Radiocomp says that it has developed the world’s first protocol-agnostic remote radio head (RRH) for mass deployment of LTE infrastructure.  more

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HSPA Drives Mobile Infrastructure Market Growth in 2008

According to a recently published report by Dell’Oro Group, the worldwide total mobile infrastructure market revenue grew 5 percent in 2008, driven by the nearly doubling and quadrupling of revenue of the WCDMA and WiMAX markets, respectively. more

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