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Court Grants Motion By Nonprofits And Sprint To Extend WiMAX Service

A Massachusetts state court has granted a joint motion to extend a preliminary injunction that prevented Sprint from shutting down its WiMAX network. more

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Sprint Ordered to Maintain WiMAX Network

USA based Sprint has been blocked from shutting down a portion of its WiMAX network. more

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Liquid Telecom Buys Zambian WiMAX Operator

Pan Africa operator, Liquid Telecoms has announced the expansion of its business in Zambia following the full acquisition of Realtime, the second largest Internet Service Provider in the country. more

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Nokia Networks offers WiMAX operators migration to TD-LTE-A Technology

Nokia Networks says that it is now offering WiMAX operators a way of migrating WiMAX networks to TD-LTE-Advanced based services. more

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Angolan Network Starts Migration from WiMAX to LTE

The Angolan WiMAX network operator, Multitel is to migrate its network to LTE after signing a supply contract with Telrad Networks. more

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Sprint to Close Down its Legacy WiMAX Network

USA based Sprint has announced that it will be closing down the legacy WiMAX network it acquired from Clearwire by the end of next year. more

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Malaysian WiMAX Network Plans LTE Migration on Eve of Profitability

Malaysia based WiMAX network operator, YTL Communications expects to break into profitability soon, although how soon was not specified. more

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Taiwan to Release Additional LTE Radio Spectrum

Taiwan's government plans to release three blocks of 2.6Ghz radio spectrum totaling 190Mhz of capacity for LTE services, according to the National Communications Commission (NCC). more

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Nepal Telecom to Start Charging for Wi-Fi Hotspot Use

Nepal Telecom is to start charging for access to its Wi-Fi network from next month following several months of free access as it tested the network. more

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Tow Pakistan Wireless ISPs to Merge

Two of Pakistan's wireless internet providers, Wateen Telecom and Qubee are to merge it has been announced.  more

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