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Wise broadband policies can create a win-win situation in developing countries

In the last few years, the subject of the global digital divide has received a lot of attention from the telecoms industry. Much of this interest has focused on the role that mobile networks are playing to narrow the divide, as mobile penetration rates in developing markets have been growing strongly, while those in mature markets have saturated.  more

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Students Offered a Free RF Simulator

RF simulation software vendor, Actix has launched a free student edition of their Radiowave Propagation Simulator (RPS), which will be made available for download free of charge with immediate effect. RPS can be used as a strong base to study the effects of LTE and MIMO. more

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Over 80% of North American organizations will adopt wireless LANs by 2010

According to a new study by Infonetics Research, the percent of North American small, medium, and large organizations deploying wireless LANs (WLANs) jumps from 56% in 2005 to 85% in 2010. The study also shows that WiMAX will be adopted by nearly 20% and wireless mesh by 12% of North American organizations by 2010. more

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Smart Antenna Systems Improve Mobile and In-Building Business Cases

According to a new Research Brief from ABI Research, mobile network operators are facing an increasing demand for data over their radio access networks, which could lead to extra costs unless new techniques are used to improve spectral efficiency. Similar demands are also likely from in-building wireless LANs and pico/femto cells, as IPTV and other bandwidth-hungry services are deployed both in the home and the enterprise. more

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Content and Transparency Drive Wireless Connectivity

Wireless subscribers want to access advanced services and download content. It started with texting and ringtones, then songs. Now video is beginning to arrive. Where it will end, nobody knows, but one thing is certain... most consumers, except hardcore techies and early-adopters don't know or care how it's done. They want a transparent experience, from request to fulfillment. more

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