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Almost 98 Percent of Broadband Data Use in USA Homes Will Be Over Wi-Fi by 2018

Today when LTE subscribers step outside their home, they potentially have a connection to their smartphone that is as fast as the fixed broadband connection in their home. Never before has the in-home and out-of-home broadband experience been as close in terms of throughput. more

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USA's Amtrak Issues Tender to Improve Railway Wi-Fi Service

USA railway Amtrak has confirmed that it is exploring options to upgrade its on-board Wi-Fi service between Washington and Boston. more

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American Airlines Adds In-Flight Wi-Fi to its Aircraft

In-flight wi-fi provider, Gogo says that it has reached an agreement with American Airlines to begin installing its ATG connectivity service on 30 new Bombardier CRJ-900 NextGen aircraft, more

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Swisscom Selects Aptilo for Next Step in Wi-Fi Service Offering

Switzerland's Swisscom has selected Aptilo Networks to provide service management to support future development of their Wi-Fi services. more

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New Zealand Network Starts Free Wi-Fi Service Trial

New Zealand based 2degrees says that it is about to begin a Wi-Fi trial in central Wellington, which will give a select group of 2degrees customers unlimited Wi-Fi data for free. more

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Cellular Network Jam Spurs Rising Use of MIMO Wi-Fi Technology in Smartphones

With their cellular networks strained to the breaking point by the deluge of data traffic generated by smartphones, wireless operators are striving to offload traffic to Wi-Fi networks by using next-generation 802.11 2x2 Multiple-In Multiple-Out (MIMO) technology, more

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Ruckus Wireless Expands Municipal Wi-Fi Coverage in San Jose

Ruckus Wireless says that it has completed the expansion of a municipal Wi-Fi network that it provided to the US city of San Josť to include Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) and the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. more

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Huawei Successfully Tests Next Generation 10Gbps Wi-Fi

Huawei says that it has successfully achieved the industry's first 10Gbps Wi-Fi service in laboratory trials at Huawei's campus in Shenzhen. more

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iiNet to build Australia's largest free Wi-Fi network in Canberra

Australia's capital city, Canberra is to get the country's largest municipal free Wi-Fi network after the State government awarded a contract to the ISP, iiNet to build it. more

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Free Wi-Fi Coverage Comes to Auckland Railway Stations

The public transport authority in New Zealand's Auckland has launched a free Wi-Fi service. more

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