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Gowex Launches Free Wi-Fi Coverage in Chicago

Municipal Wi-Fi network operator, Gowex says that it has launched coverage in the US city of Chicago with more than 450 Wi-Fi hotspots,  more

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Australia's Telstra to Expand Wi-Fi Network in Fon Sharing Deal

Australia's Telstra has outlines plans to invest AU$100 million on a major Wi-Fi hotspot rollout across the country. more

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Wi-Fi is Better Than Chocolate? National Survey of Entrepreneurs Says Yes

A survey found that offering free Wi-Fi works better at keeping customers happy than common "waiting area" conveniences such as sweets, water or magazines. more

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Wi-Fi Hotspots to Pass 7 Million in 2015 as Traffic Offload Increases

Worldwide Wi-Fi deployments reached a total of 4.2 million hotspots in 2013, and will continue to grow at a CAGR of 15.0% between 2013 and 2018, to exceed 10.5 million. more

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Wi-Fi Chipset Shipments Will near 18 Billion Chipsets During the Next 5 Years

With over 2.6 billion chipsets expected to ship during 2014, Wi-Fi is currently the most ubiquitous wireless connectivity technology for Internet access. more

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New York City Issues Tender for City-Wide Wi-Fi Network

USA\'s New York City has called for tenders to build what the city government says will be one of the largest free Wi-Fi networks in the country. more

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Qualitynet Tests Hotspot 2.0 Network in Kuwait

Kuwait based ISP, Qualitynet says that it has completed trials of its new Hotspot 2.0 platform, with 350 locations covered across the country. more

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London Warbiking Reveals Worrying State of Wireless Security

A review based on cycling around the UK's capital city, London with a Wi-Fi sniffer has found what one security firm calls a "worrying state of wireless security". more

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Ruckus Wireless Wi-Fi Hotspot Supporting Up to 256 Active Connections

Ruckus Wireless has announced the release of a dual-band, two-stream 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi indoor access point (AP) capable of delivering up to 300 Mbps throughput. more

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Wi-Fi Coverage Expanded on the London Underground

UK based Virgin Media has expanded the Wi-Fi network it provides on the London Underground to an additional 6 railway stations. more

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