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No-power Wi-Fi connectivity could fuel internet of things reality

Imagine a world in which your wristwatch or other wearable device communicates directly with your online profiles, storing information about your daily activities where you can best access it - all without requiring batteries.  more

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Small Hotels Still Not Aware of the Importance of Good Wi-Fi Services

A survey by Wi-Fi hotspot equipment vendor, Netgear has found that a lack of Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels is damaging the hotel's prospects. more

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US Schools and Libraries to Receive $2 Billion to Improve Wi-Fi Coverage

The US telecoms regulator has agreed to offer US$2 billion in funding to boost the uptake of Wi-Fi services in schools and public libraries. more

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Wi-Fi Represents the Bulk of LTE Subscriber Mobile Data Traffic

LTE subscribers consumed dramatically larger amounts of data than 3G subscribers, according to smartphone traffic analysis by Mobidia Technology, however, they are making increased use of Wi-Fi offloading as well. more

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Virgin Trains to Offer Free Wi-Fi Along its Railway Routes

UK based railway operator, Virgin Trains has pledged to offer free WI-Fi in its trains as part of its franchise renewal agreement. more

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Linktel and Accuris Networks Deliver Wi-Fi Roaming in Brazil

Accuris Networks says that it is providing secure Wi-Fi connections in Brazil in cooperation with Linktel. more

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Three UK to Offer Voice over Wi-Fi Service

UK based Three says that it is launching an app, Three inTouch, which will allow customers to talk and text using a Wi-Fi connection. more

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Emergency Services Sent to Rescue Crashed Google Balloon

New Zealand's emergency services were called out to rescue one of Google's test Wi-Fi broadcasting balloons. more

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And the Next Wireless Protocol Is...?

If WiGig vs. WirelessHD is the VHS-Beta Debate, Which One is Betamax? more

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Almost 98 Percent of Broadband Data Use in USA Homes Will Be Over Wi-Fi by 2018

Today when LTE subscribers step outside their home, they potentially have a connection to their smartphone that is as fast as the fixed broadband connection in their home. Never before has the in-home and out-of-home broadband experience been as close in terms of throughput. more

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