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Burger King Expands In-Store Wi-Fi Coverage with AT&T

USA fast food chain, Burger King has extended its Wi-Fi agreement with AT&T to expand the service to all its outlets. more

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Broadcom Doubles Wi-Fi Speed with First Six Stream 802.11ac MIMO Platform

Broadcom has shown off what it says is the industry's first six stream 802.11ac MIMO platform for home networks. more

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Parents Urged to Turn Off Wi-Fi Services at Night

British parents are being urged to turn off their Wi-Fi connections in the evening to stop their children using the internet at night. more

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Old US Spy Planes to Act as Flying Wi-Fi Hotspots

The US military is considering reusing its old military spy planes to deliver Wi-Fi hotspots to conflict areas for its own communications. more

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Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Market to Reach $2.5 Billion by 2018

As the traditional worldwide enterprise WLAN market experiences relative maturation and the lofty gains of the past two years begin to flatten, the WLAN market for cloud-managed Wi-Fi presents notable growth opportunities in both hardware and services. more

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Gogo Wins Wi-Fi Contract from Air Canada for 130 Aircraft

Air Canada, the first Canadian carrier to offer customers in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity, says that it plans to begin rolling out connectivity across its North American fleet in May under an agreement with Gogo,. more

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Tap to Connect WI-Fi Networks with NFC Authentication

The trade group, the Wi-Fi Alliance has announced an update to the specifications for its Wi-Fi Certified programme to include NFC authentication. more

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Improving Wi-Fi Spectrum Usage with MU-MIMO Technology

Qualcomm has developed the first 4-stream 802.11ac chipsets with multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) to improve Wi-Fi performance. more

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Gowex Close to Winning Wi-Fi Deployment Contract in Edinburgh

Municipal Wi-Fi network operator, Gowex is set to be awarded a contract to deploy a network in the UK city of Edinburgh. more

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Tender Issued to Build a Public Wi-Fi Network in Melbourne

Australia's Victoria State government is calling for bidders to deploy a municipal Wi-Fi network in central Melbourne. more

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