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LatAm and Asia-Pacific Wi-Fi Operators Sign Roaming Deal

Vex, the largest Wi-Fi Hotspot operator in Latin America and Tomizone, the largest Wi-Fi Hotspot operator in Australasia and the Pacific have signed an agreement allowing their customers to roam on each other's networks more

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Wi-Fi Hotspots Stay Hot in 2008

Wi-Fi hotspots are continuing their torrid growth in 2008. According to ABI Research’s WI-FI Hotspots Forecasts, by the end of this year global hotspots will grow by 40% over 2007. more

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Swedish Bus Service Offers In-Coach Wi-Fi Coverage

Sweden's Swebus Express - the dominant long-distance express bus service - has launched a Wi-Fi service in eighty of its coaches, powered by Moovera Networks. more

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Arriva Deploys Free Wi-Fi on Danish Trains

Arriva Scandinavia, a railway operator in Denmark has deployed in-carriage Wi-Fi services which rely on a HSDPA based backhaul connection. more

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Roaming Platform Includes Wi-Fi based VoiP Services

Fixed-Mobile developer, Accuris Networks has launched a version of its AccuROAM platform specifically designed for Wi-Fi Hotspot to GSM roaming. more

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Business Use of Wi-Fi Hotspots Nearly Doubles in 2007

iPass says that it has updated its twice-yearly Wi-Fi Hotspot Index to include enterprise 3G usage statistics. The new report includes H2 2007 statistics on global Wi-Fi Hotspot usage and adds new information on 2007 2.5G and 3G mobile data usage in the US. more

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iPass Claims 40,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots in Europe, 90,000 Worldwide

iPass says that it has surpassed 40,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in Europe -- the largest footprint of any service provider -- and now offers broadband access in 31 European countries. more

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Wi-Fi hotspots to Grow by a Quarter by end of 2007

ABI Research forecasts that in 2007, worldwide Wi-Fi hotspots will grow by nearly 25%, to 179,500. While almost three-quarters of these sites (72%) are still found in North America and Europe, the Asia Pacific region is growing very rapidly." more

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Wi-Fi Hotspots Increasing by 47% in 2006 - report

A new ABI Research forecast finds that in 2006 the number of commercial Wi-Fi hotspots will grow by 47% worldwide to 143,700. While almost three-quarters of these sites (74%) are still found in North America and Europe, the Asia Pacific region is growing very rapidly. "By 2011 the Asia Pacific region will surpass both Europe and North America in the number of Wi-Fi hotspots," says vice president and research director Stan Schatt. more

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Delays in WCDMA presents window of opportunity

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO (Data Only) technology has significant advantages over WCDMA, the dominant UMTS technology according to a report from Alexander Resources. EV-DO requires less clear spectrum to deploy, currently delivers higher average and peak throughput, and is less expensive. The report also concluded that Wi-Fi hotspot services will not eliminate the need for 3G wireless technologies such as CDMA2000 1xEV-DO and that the business case for Wi-Fi hotspots as a substitute for 3G is flawed. Wi-Fi hotspots are best suited to serving notebook PC users in select airport, hotel, and restaurant locations. more

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