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UPDATE: Google Unveils Android Smartphone for T-Mobile

Google, Tuesday unveiled its first Android-powered smartphone for T-Mobile USA as the Internet giant hopes to shake up the wireless industry. more

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UK Advertising Regulator Upholds Complaint Against Apple's iPhone

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority, an industry body has upheld a complaint against O2/Apple regarding the company's joint advertising campaign for the ubiquitous iPhone. more

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Apple Announces Updates to the iPhone

At the Macworld conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that the company had sold 4 million units of its iPhone handset since it was launched exactly 200 days ago. He noted that was 20,000 phones sold per day, on average. more

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Apple to Open up iPhone to 3rd Party Developers

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs unveiled Monday a new version of the company's computer operating system, set for release in October, and revealed plans for how developers can make programs for its iPhone cell phone." more

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UPDATE: Apple Confirms Mobile Phone Launch

Apple Computer has confirmed the long rumoured Apple mobile phone device will be launched. The iPhone will be a widescreen version of the company's video iPod, with a touch screen and Internet connection, said Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the annual Macworld Expo. more

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Nokia Releases Open Source Mobile Browser

Nokia has decided to release the source code for its Series 60 web browser to the open source software community. The web browser source code released by Nokia comes under the terms of the open source BSD License, a highly permissive software license with few requirements that is one of the most popular licenses among free software developers worldwide. more

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