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Gold-Plated Phones with Built in Mechanical Clocks

Canadian luxury phone manufacturer, Mobiado has launched a novel mobile phone, which replaces the on-screen digital clock that comes with most phones with a real mechanical clock built into the handset facia. more

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China Mobile Expanding its 3G Trial to More Cities

China Mobile Communications Corp, the parent company of Hong Kong listed China Mobile is planning to expand its TD-SCDMA 3G trials to more cities more

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Qualcomm Achieves World's First HSPA+ Data Call

Qualcomm says that it has completed the world's first data call using High-Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) network technology. The call achieved a data transfer rate of more than 20 Mbps in a 5 MHz channel. more

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Apple Stresses Manufacturing Cost Reduction for iPhone 3G

The new iPhone 3G sports an evolutionary design that favors cost reduction instead of cutting-edge features, supporting Apple’s goal of expanding its market share and achieving a worldwide presence for the product, according to a physical teardown analysis conducted this weekend by iSuppli. more

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China's TD-SCDMA Expansion Delayed Until After Olympics

China Mobile Communications, the parent to Hong Kong-listed China Mobile is reported to be planning a tender for the second phase of its TD-SCDMA network rollout, but not until following this August's Olympic Games. more

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Nokia Siemens Testing Mobile Broadband with Speeds up to 173Mbit/s

Nokia Siemens Networks says that it has completed the world's first multi-user field trial in an urban environment using the new Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology that offers mobile data rates up to 173Mbit/s. more

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Qualcomm Shows Off Low-Power Consumption 3G Chipsets

Qualcomm has launched a new range of WCDMA chipsets which the company says will enable a dramatic reduction in the cost of WCDMA based mobile phones. more

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Qualcomm Seeks To Rebound After String Of Legal Setbacks

Qualcomm, hoping to rebound from a string of legal setbacks, urged a federal judge Tuesday to reject a competitor's request to stop it from selling cellphone chips that infringe on patents. more

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