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Verizon Wireless Reported to be in Talks for CDMA Based iPhone

Verizon is reported to be in advanced talks with Apple to launch a CDMA version of the iPhone handset. The mobile network operator entered into "high-level" discussions with Apple management a few months ago, more

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AT&T Seeking to Extend iPhone Exclusivity Deal

US operator, AT&T is reported to be pushing Apple to extend its exclusive rights to the iPhone range of handsets within the USA for an additional two years. more

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Dell Reported to be in Talks for Chinese Smartphones

Dell Computers, which has been rumoured to be entering the smartphone market for several years, is now hotly rumoured to be in talks with China Mobile to launch its first range of handsets in the country. more

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Nortel Exec - Will Consdier Bids for the Company Divisions

Canadian infrastructure vendor, Nortel Networks will give serious consideration to any offers to buy divisions in the company as it restructures under court approved bankruptcy protection. more

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Huawei Starting to Win Network Contracts in the USA

China's Huawei is reported to be finally making significant progress in cracking the US market, where it has had problems in the past thanks in part to security concerns over allegations of links to the Chinese government. more

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Nortel Considering Break-Up of the Company

Canada's Nortel Networks, which is currently working through a restructuring may seek to break itself up rather than emerge from bankruptcy protection as a whole company.  more

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UPDATED: Motorola Sacked Financial Officer "for Cause"

When Motorola announced its financial results last month, they also announced without elaborating that the Chief Financial Officer, Paul Liska was leaving the firm with immediate effect. more

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Nokia in Talks with Facebook Over Handset Integration

Internet social networking website, Facebook is reported to be in talks with a number of mobile phone manufacturers to more tightly embed access to its services within the phone menus. more

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Microsoft Stepping Up Windows Mobile Efforts

Microsoft is reported to be planning to set up its own applications store, apping the version from Apple for its iPhone, as the firm tries to boost the popularity of its Windows Mobile operating system.  more

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Vodafone Raising Funds for India's 3G Auction

Vodafone Essar is reported to be currently trying to raise US$2 billion as a bridging loan to finance its bids in the country's delayed 3G and WiMAX auctions.  more

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