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Essars to Seek $883 Million Refund on Vodafone Sale

India's Essar Group is expected to seek a refund of the US$883 million that was deducted as withholding tax when it sold a 22% stake in Vodafone Essar to the Vodafone Group. more

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Vodafone Faces Delay in Securing Permission for Essar Group Buyout

India's Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) has refused to grant approval to Vodafone's recent decision to buy out part of the Essar's Group holdings in their joint venture. more

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Vodafone Finalises Details to Buy Out Essar Group's Stake in Indian Network

Vodafone has finalised the details to buy out the Essar Group's holding in its Indian subsidiary. In total, Vodafone will pay approximately US$5.46 billion for the 33% stake in Vodafone Essar Ltd. more

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Vodafone Pays $5 Billion to Buy Out its Indian Shareholders

In a terse statement that lacked any of the usual chatter about how happy everyone is with the deal, Vodafone has announced that it is paying US$5 billion to buy 22% of its Indian subsidiary. more

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Vodafone May Seek to Buy Out Indian Partners

Vodafone is reported to be in talks with a minority partner in its Indian subsidiary to buy out the 33% stake held by the Essar Group. more

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Vodafone Objecting Essar Group Attempts to Revalue Joint-Venture

Vodafone has objected to plans by its Indian partner, Essar Group to shuffle around its shareholdings in the Indian mobile network, Vodafone Essar as it could create a false market valuation for the company. more

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Essar Group Decides Against IPO for Vodafone Joint Venture

India's Essar Group has decided not to go ahead with the anticipated stock market floatation of its stake in Vodafone Essar, more

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Essar Group Looking to Sell Vodafone Essar Stake

India's Essar Group is reported to be planning to float some of its 33 percent stake in Vodafone Essar - it's joint venture with Vodafone. more

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India's Loop Telecom Faces Loss of Operating Licenses

India's Loop Telecom is facing the possible forfeiture of its 21 operating licenses after the Department of Telecom asked the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) to carry out a second investigation into the company's shareholders. more

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Indian Operator at Risk of Losing Telecoms License

The telecoms license held by India's Loop Telecom may be at risk after the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) has asked the communications ministry to investigate if the shareholders violate the law on cross company ownership. more

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