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Vodafone Puts Temporary Block on Calls from Loop Mobile Customers

A dispute between two Indian mobile networks that saw Vodafone blocking incoming calls from Loop Mobile customers has been resolved. more

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NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone expand their partner agreement to include M2M

Japan's NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone Group have announced an expansion of their existing partner market agreement to address the delivery of M2M services to the global enterprise sector. more

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Vodafone Buying Italian In-Car Telematics Provider

Vodafone has announced that it is buying the Italian in-car telematics provider, Cobra Automotive Technologies for EUR145 million (US$196 million). more

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Vodafone Apologizes for Communication Error

Vodafone Ireland is having to apologize to customers after they were mistakenly told that money had been taken from their bank accounts. more

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Vodafone Banned from Signing Up New Customers in Ghana

Vodafone's Ghana subsidiary has been barred from signing up new customers until the end of July following a serious network outage. more

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Vodafone being Investigated for Possible Debt Ratings Downgrade

Vodafone's debt ratings have been put on review for a possible downgrade by the ratings agency, Moody's due to concerns about actions being taken, or not taken to reduce its debt. more

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Vodafone's Indian Tax Liabilities Could Reach $4.6 Billion

Vodafone has revealed that its potential Indian tax liabilities could reach as much as US$4.6 billion if every appeal were to be rejected by the various regulators. more

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Vodafone Confirms Some Governments Can Spy on its Networks with Impunity

Vodafone has published a report that shows just how widespread government snooping of phone calls and data traffic has become. more

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Vodafone New Zealand to Start Corporate Small Cells Trials

Vodafone New Zealand is to start offering small cells to its corporate customers to improve their indoor coverage. more

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Vodafone Request to Renew Indian Licenses Rejected

India's Department of Telecom has rejected a request by Vodafone for automatic renewal of seven of its expiring mobile operator licenses. more

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