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New Mobile Network Launched in Tanzania

Vietnam based Viettel has continued its overseas expansion, by launching a new mobile network in Tanzania. more

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Vietnam Could Permit 4G Services by Year-End

Vietnam's government has approved plans to permit 4G based services in the country, but it is still wary about spare capacity on the 3G networks not being used. more

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Viettel Delays Launch of New Network in Cameroon

Vietnam's Viettel has delayed the launch of its network in the African country of Cameroon. more

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Vietnam's Viettel Wins Mobile Operator License in Burundi

Vietnam's military owned mobile network operator, Viettel has won a mobile operator license in the African country of Burundi, according to various local news reports. more

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Vietnam's Viettel Eying Expansion into Tanzania and Myanmar

Vietnam's military owned mobile network operator, Viettel is eying up further overseas expansion to add to the seven countries where it already holds operating licenses. more

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Viettel Request for Tax Breaks Rejected

Vietnam's government has rejected a call from the state-owned mobile network, Viettel for preferential tax breaks for its own handset manufacturing subsidiary. more

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Vietnamese Network Calls for Tax-Breaks on Locally Assembled Phones

Vietnam's state-owned mobile network operator, Viettel has complained that foreign handset manufacturers get preferential support over local firms. more

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Viettel Seeks to Raise 3G Tariffs

The Vietnamese mobile network, Viettel has applied to the telecoms regulator for permission to raise its 3G tariffs, claiming that the current rates are not covering its costs. more

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Vietnam's Viettel Eyes More Overseas Mobile Network Investments

The Vietnamese state-owned telecoms network operator, Viettel Group has confirmed that it is seeking further overseas investments in developing countries. more

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ZTE Wins Network Deployment Contract in Peru

ZTE has won a national 2G/3G wireless network project in Peru with mobile operator Viettel. During the first phase of the project, ZTE will build more than 2000 base-stations. more

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