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Deutsche Telekom Tests Rural LTE Services at 800Mhz

Deutsche Telekom and Nokia Siemens Networks have jointly demonstrated the extended benefits of Long Term Evolution (LTE) in the 800MHz spectrum as a means of reaching out to students in far-flung, rural schools. more

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City-wide Wi-Fi network for Chongqing in South-Western China

Ruckus Wireless has announced that Chongqing Telecom, a unit of China Telecom, has selected its Smart Wi-Fi products and technology for a large-scale, citywide deployment of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city. more

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UK Scientists Building a Satellite from Mobile Phone Components

Space researchers at the University of Surrey and Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) have developed 'STRaND-1', a satellite containing a smartphone payload that will be launched into orbit around the Earth later this year.  more

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Significant Rise in Broadband Technology; Mobile Gains Traction and Influence

According to a survey, conducted among 120,000 households, there has been a steady increase in broadband connections to the Internet in homes. However, this increase is now mostly fueled by growth in mobile broadband technologies, currently adopted by one in four households. more

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mobile phone game trains players to make healthier diet selections

Playing health-related video games on a mobile device can help adults learn to live more healthfully by making smart diet choices. more

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Deaf, hard-of-hearing students perform first test of sign language by cell phone

University of Washington engineers are developing the first device able to transmit American Sign Language over U.S. cellular networks. more

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Crackdown on Tibetan Ringtones

Students and teachers at a high school near the Tibetan city of Shigatse have been told to delete certain popular Tibetan-language songs from their cell phones after they were designated "unhealthy" by local education officials,  more

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Schools Should Make Learning Materials Work on Mobile Phones

Research institutions needn't expend valuable resources equipping students with mobile devices for learning, they should integrate students' own phones, PDAs, and netbooks. That's according to Euro-American research published next year in the International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation. more

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College students - the fastest growing smartphone segment

The percentage of US college students owning a smartphone spiked in just a few months due in large part to the rising popularity of the iPhone, says a new study by Ball State University. more

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Breakthrough Research Speeds and Secures Internet Voice Traffic

The security platform developed by Verizon and Columbia University is the fastest of its kind in the world. Called a SIP-Aware Application Layer Gateway because it uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), this security filter allows or disallows VoIP traffic as it enters Verizon's network. more

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