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Fitch Downgrades Sprint Nextel's IDR to 'BB'; Outlook Negative

Fitch says that Sprint Nextel's downgrade is reflective of the significant continued revenue declines primarily due to the high subscriber losses as well as the limited visibility over the timing and the extent of how overall operating trends might improve during 2009. more

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UPDATE: Google Unveils Android Smartphone for T-Mobile

Google, Tuesday unveiled its first Android-powered smartphone for T-Mobile USA as the Internet giant hopes to shake up the wireless industry. more

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Blame the 3G iPhone, Not the Carrier

Connectivity issues with Apple's popular iPhone 3G likely stem from the device, not the wireless carriers that support it, a problem that blemishes a product that has won rave reviews since it made its debut two months ago. more

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Sprint's Termination Fees Were Legal, But Too High - Lawyer

A California jury ruled on Thursday that Sprint Nextel didn't violate laws with its early termination fees, but the carrier may still need to pay damages. more

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