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Huawei Wins Deal to Swap Entire Indian Network's Base Stations

Huawei has won a contract to swap over 24,000 base stations operated by India's Uninor with its own equipment. more

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Telenor Seeks to Buy Out its Indian Minority Shareholder

Norway's Telenor has announced that it is seeking approval from Indian regulators to buy out the minority shareholders in its Indian mobile network subsidiary. more

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Telenor Facing $58 Million Fine for Merger Rules Infraction

Telenor is facing a potential fine from the Indian regulators of US$58 million over an administrative issue dating back to its former joint venture in 2010. more

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India's Uninor Opens 367 Retail Stores in One Day

India's Uninor says that it opened a massive 367 retail stores in just one day, as the company makes a major push into expanding its retail footprint. more

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Telenor Secured Reduction in Indian Mobile License Fees

Telenor has secured a reduction in the license fees it was due to pay for its Indian joint venture as a consequence of the cancellation of the controversial 2008 GSM licenses. more

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Telenor Considers Taking Full Ownership of Indian Subsidiary

Norway's Telenor is considering raising its stake in its Indian subsidiary to full ownership, but will not until the ongoing regulatory uncertainly is resolved. more

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India's Uninor Outlines Rapid Network Expansion

Indian mobile network, Uninor has announced plans to roll out 550 additional base stations across the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. more

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Telenor Names New CEO for its Indian Subsidiary

Morten Karlsen Sørby, a Norwegian national, joined Telenor in 1993 and has been a member of the Group's executive management team since 2003. more

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Telenor's Indian Subsidiary CEO Resigns

­Telenor's Indian subsidiary, Uninor is looking for a new CEO after the incumbent,Yogesh Malik resigned from his position owing to personal reasons. more

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India's Uninor Cuts Off Around 1.8 Million Customers in Mumbai

India's Uninor has shut-down its network in Mumbai following an order from the Supreme Court. The company lost its licenses last February, but had been unable to secure a replacement covering the city. more

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