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Telefónica Deutschland to start integrating O2 and E-Plus networks in January 2016

January 2016 will see Telefonica Deutschland begin its Germany-wide consolidation of the UMTS and GSM networks of O2 and E-Plus. more

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Europe to Approve Use of 2Ghz Spectrum for LTE Services

The European Commission has decided to open up the 2Ghz band which is currently reserved for UMTS based 3G networks to be reused for LTE based 4G services. more

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T-Mobile to Shut-Down UMTS-TDD Network in Czech Republic

T-Mobile Czech Republic has announced that it is shutting down its older UMTS-TDD network in favour of the more conventional UMTS-FDD network. more

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Worldwide UMTS-HSPA Subscriptions Surpass Three Quarters of a Billion

In 2Q 2011, Latin America saw remarkable uptake of mobile broadband with an annual growth rate of more than 90 percent, close to double the number of mobile broadband subscriptions, for UMTS-HSPA, reports 4G Americas, more

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3GPP Mobile Broadband Technologies Achieve 73% of New Connections in the Americas

3GPP mobile broadband technology (UMTS-HSPA) grew by 11.9 million new subscriptions, of the total (net) 16.3 million mobile subscriptions added in the second quarter 2010 throughout the Americas, reports 3G Americas. more

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3GPP Mobile Broadband Sees 81% Annual Growth in Western Hemisphere

The 3GPP mobile broadband technology (UMTS-HSPA) realized growth of 81 percent throughout the Americas in the year ending March 2010, reports 3G Americas, a wireless industry trade association.  more

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WCDMA & HSPA reach 500 Million customers

The UMTS Forum has confirmed that subscriptions to 3G/UMTS networks have reached 500 million. The milestone comes just over eight years after the world's first commercial 3G/WCDMA network was launched by Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo. more

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Vodacom Taps Andrew for Wireless Coverage In South African World Cup Stadiums

Andrew Solutions says that it has won a contract from South Africa's Vodacom to deploy indoor coverage in five of the 10 South African stadiums to be used for the 2010 World Cup.  more

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Huawei Upgrades Portuguese Network to Support HSPA+

Portuguese mobile network operator, Sonaecom has launched an HSPA+ upgrade to its network, boosting peak mobile download speeds to a theoretical 21.6 Mbps. more

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ZTE Wins 3G Contract in Belarus

China's ZTE has won a contract to build a 3G network in Belarus for the Byelorussian Telecommunication Network (BeST). The UMTS network will serve mobile service operator life:), the trading name for BeST. more

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