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Android Apps Developers Able to Use Haptic Feedback from Touchscreens

Immersion - a company that develops the vibration based feeback in touchscreen phones - has released a software development kit (SDK) for Android apps builders. more

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Samsung Sells 50 Millionth Full Touch Screen Mobile Phone

Samsung Electronics has marked the sale of its 50 millionth full touchscreen mobile phone globally this month. Samsung says that it sold approximately 40 million full touch screen devices this year through the end of November, compared with around 10 million in the whole of 2008. more

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Qualcomm Chips Powering the BlackBerry Storm Smartphone

It isn't a shock that the new BlackBerry Storm smart phone offers features comparable to Apple's 3G iPhone. However, the Storm brings some interesting developments on the inside, such as the inclusion of a Qualcomm baseband chip, more

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Nokia to Launch First TouchScreen Phone in October

Nokia is expected to show off its first touchscreen based mobile phone, codenamed the "Tube" on October 2nd more

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