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UK Bus Company Starts Accepting Mobile Tickets

A UK bus company, Arriva has launched a mobile ticketing service, which the company says is believed to be the largest deployment of its kind in the world, covering approximately 1,000 routes served by Arriva's regional fleet of 4,500 buses. more

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American Adults Interested in Opt-in Marketing Messages

The results found that 42% of 18 to 34 year old cell phone owners and 33% of 35 to 44 year olds are at least somewhat interested in receiving alerts about sales on their cell phones from their favorite establishments. more

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Third of Brits have Tried Mobile Commerce - Didn't Like It

A consumer study of mobile commerce habits from Art Technology Group (ATG) reveals that 38% of UK consumers have tried to shop online from their mobiles, but 28% of those who have tried it find it a difficult way to shop.  more

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MEMS Microphones Shipments to Rise to 1 Billion in 2013

Despite a slowdown in 2009, global shipments of Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) microphones are set to more than triple from 2008 to 2013 due to their strong acceptance in mobile handsets and other applications, more

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UK Planning National Public Transport Paperless Ticketing System

The UK government has announced plans to roll-out a nationwide ticketing system for public transport that could be based on NFC enabled mobile phones and SIM cards. more

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SMS Based Micro-Payments Overtaking Credit Card Sales for txtNation

Mobile billing supplier, txtNation says that the majority of its website merchants using mENABLE are now processing more revenues with SMS via a website widget, than using credit card. txtNation also says that merchants are now becoming more respective to this form of transaction, charging smaller amounts as a form of micro-payment. more

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Over 9,000 Fines Handed out to New York Motorists

During a one-day clamp down on driving while using a mobile phone, the New York City Police Department handed out a total of 9,016 tickets to motorists breaking the law. more

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First SIMpass-enabled mobile phone launched in China

China Unicom has launched a mobile phone based payment service in the city of Chongqing which enables users to use their phone to pay for transport tickets and at various retailer for normal purchases.  more

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Austria Tests New NFC Based Mobile Ticketing Service

Mobilkom austria says that it has developed an NFC service in cooperation with the Austrian railway operator, ÖBB for mobile ticketing in pre-selling conditions. more

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UK Railways Adopt a Single Format for Mobile Ticket Barcodes

An industry standard for the various UK railway operators to offer mobile phone based barcode tickets has been agreed between mobile applications developer, Masabi and the Rail Settlement Plan (RSP), the rail ticketing body jointly owned by UK train operating companies. more

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