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UK Motorists Using Mobile Phones While Driving Triples

The number of motorists who admit to taking calls and sending text messages while on the road has tripled in a year, rising from 8% to 28% and 11% to 31% respectively, more

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Widespread Use of Mobile Phones While Driving in the UK

Almost a third of British motorists have answered a mobile phone while driving, while more than a quarter have read a text, a new survey suggests.  more

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British Lord to be Prosecuted Over "Texting While Driving" Fatal Accident

A British Lord is to be prosecuted for alleged dangerous driving after it was claimed that he had sent a text message from his mobile phone, just moments before a fatal road accident. more

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Texting While Driving - More Dangerous than Drinking or Smoking Cannabis

Texting while driving impairs driving skills more than being drunk or high, according to new research carried out by the UK's Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) for the roadside assistance organisation, the Royal Automobile Club (RAC). more

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British Drivers Still Texting While Driving

A survey of 2,000 Facebook users by the UK motoring association, the RAC has revealed that 45% of UK drivers are still using SMS whilst driving. more

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