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LG Shows Off 8 Megapixel Touchscreen Phone

LG Electronics has shown off another touch-screen phone, the LG-KC910 (Renoir), this time with an 8 megapixel camera and built in Dolby Mobile sound. more

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Handset Preferences Influenced by Age, Income Factors

A U.S. television advertisement for Verizon Wireless shows a middle-aged man expressing dissatisfaction with the style and functionality of his new mobile-handset - a gaudy model selected for him by his teenage daughter. more

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Sprint Introduces Rumor by LG

Operating on the Sprint Vision network, Rumor by LG provides quick access to instant messaging services including AIM, MSN and Yahoo! as well several popular social networking communities, including Facebook and Xanga. more

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iPhone Users Find SMS'ing is 2x Slower Than on QWERTY Phones

Chicago-based usability consultancy User Centric says that it has conducted tests on the iPhone's touch keyboard compared with conventional QWERTY and numeric phone keyboards. more

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