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Canadians Lag Other Countries in Mobile Phone Purchases

When it comes to owning and using mobile phones, Canadians continue to lag behind citizens of other G8 countries and even several developing economies, according to a global telecommunications study by market research firm TNS. more

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Mobile phone usage relatively safe from spending cutbacks

When asked about what measures they would take if they had to reduce their personal expenditure in 2009, very few consumers said they would stop using their mobile phone or switch to a cheaper mobile service, but consumer electronics purchases will be hit much more severely more

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Nearly Half of US Multimedia Phone Owners Don't Use Advanced Functions

According to a new report by The NPD Group, 45 percent of U.S. mobile phone users prefer to use their mobile phones to make calls, and not for other available multimedia features. more

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Half of Brits Have Not Changed Phone Usage Patterns in Past 5 Years

Research showed that despite advances in mobile phone functionality and the launch of devices such as Apple’s iPhone, almost a third of Americans and Canadians and more than half of UK adults insist that the way in which they use their mobiles has not changed for five years. more

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6.5 Billion SMS's Sent Every Month in the UK

The UK's Mobile Data Association (MDA) has reported that new devices and an ever growing variety of mobile applications have driven overall mobile data growth figures in 2008. SMS growth continues to astound while MMS shows an increasing level of growth. more

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LG Shows Off 8 Megapixel Touchscreen Phone

LG Electronics has shown off another touch-screen phone, the LG-KC910 (Renoir), this time with an 8 megapixel camera and built in Dolby Mobile sound. more

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Half of U.S. Mobile Phone Users Turn to Their Devices for Entertainment

A recent survey, conducted by Artificial Life, of U.S. cell phone users revealed that 46 percent use their devices for entertainment purposes, illustrating evolution of the cell phone as a prominent business tool to a must-have, multi-purpose consumer gadget. more

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Sprint Nextel Loses Nearly $30 Billion in Q4

Sprint Nextel posted a dramatic $29.5 billion fourth-quarter loss even as it unveiled an unlimited wireless plan in a bid to stem the flood of subscriber defections. more

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Teens Use Cell Phones to Stay in Touch with Family and Friends, Not to Look 'Cool'

OTX (Online Testing eXchange) has published the latest results from its Teen Topix study. 750 teens across the country were surveyed about their mobile phone preferences and behavior.  more

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