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FEATURE: CDMA in LatAm, where to go in the face of GSM explosion?"

Despite the fact there are more than three times the amount of GSM mobile users than CDMA in Latin America, CDMA is not about to go out of fashion." more

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CFC backs number portability, urges clear regulation"

Mexico's federal competition commission (CFC) supports the implementation of number portability as a way to lower telephony costs for users, but urges clear regulation by telecoms watchdog Cofetel before it is put in place, CFC said in a statement to the regulatory improvement commission Cofemer." more

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Alestra, Maxcom adopt national, international CPP"

Mexican fixed line operators Alestra and Maxcom have adopted the domestic and international long distance calling party pays (CPP) billing scheme for fixed to mobile calls, the country's telecoms regulator Cofetel said in a statement. more

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Telmex: No problems with CPP

Mexican telecoms giant telmex has not received complaints regarding Mexico's recent shift to a calling party pays (CPP) billing system for domestic fixed to mobile phone calls, local daily El Informador reported. more

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Mexico Telmex Sets Charges For 'Calling Party Pays' System

MEXICO CITY -(Dow Jones)- Telefonos de Mexico, the country's main fixed-line phone operator, said Wednesday it will charge 3.48 pesos ($0.32) a minute for domestic long-distance calls to mobile phones beginning next month. more

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Long distance operators join forces against CPP mandate

Mexican fixed line long distance operators have rallied against a ruling by telecoms regulator Cofetel ordering that domestic long distance calls to mobile phones be subject to calling party pays rules, newspapers reported. more

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Mexico Phone Cos Oppose Expanding 'Calling-Party-Pays' Systems

MEXICO CITY -(Dow Jones)- Three Mexican phone companies are seeking to annul regulations that would include long distance in the "calling-party-pays" system for fixed-to-mobile calls, saying the system for local calls already has fixed-line customers subsidizing wireless companies to the tune of $1 billion a year. more

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Cenbank: Slim's dominance hurts competitiveness

Mexican telecoms incumbent telmex and mobile telephony group América Móvil are hurting the country's competitiveness with their high rates, Mexico's central bank president Guillermo Ortiz was quoted as saying by Bloomberg news agency. more

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Telcos Negotiate Fixed-To-Mobile Rate Reduction

MEXICO CITY -(Dow Jones)- Mexico's phone companies are negotiating this week a plan to lower tariffs and interconnection charges on calls from fixed lines to mobile phones under the "calling party pays" system.  more

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