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SK Telecom and Ericsson conduct first multi-vehicular 5G trials with BMW

Ericsson, SK Telecom and BMW have revealed the most advanced 5G outdoor mobility trial, including the first multi-vehicular 5G trials. more

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Smartphones, Savvy Consumers and Innovative Offerings Boost Japan's Telematics Market

For the last seven to eight years, the Japanese automotive telematics market has struggled to increase its subscriber base at a more rapid pace compared to Western markets. more

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OEM and Telematics Expected to Surpass 40% of M2M Connections by 2019

This in a market where cellular M2M connections will grow by double-digits regardless of application category. By 2019, over 600 million connections will reside on cellular networks. more

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Accenture to Help Fiat-Chrysler Develop Telematics Systems in the EMEA Region

The management consultancy, Accenture says that it has started to work with the Fiat-Chrysler Group to develop the next range of connected services for its Uconnect systems in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). more

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In-Car Mobile Apps Sales to Reach 370 Million Units by 2020

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are expected to continue today's trend of integrating smartphone apps that are controlled via a vehicle's HMI or as part of an infotainment system controlled by the vehicle's HMI through the remainder of the decade. more

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Nokia to Pump $100 Million into In-Car Entertainment Developers

Nokia has announced plans to invest US$100 million into companies developing in-car telematics services. more

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Vehicle Owners Willing to Pay for Smartphone Functionality, but Not Connectivity

Among the technologies currently available or coming soon to vehicles, the ones consumers want most are those that allow them to access the entertainment, information and connections they currently get from their smartphone, more

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AT&T Wins Telematics Airtime Contract from Volvo Cars

USA based AT&T says that it has won a contract to provide wireless connectivity to Volvo Cars sold in the USA and Canada. more

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Penetration of Wi-Fi in Car Systems to Reach Almost 60% in North America by 2019

Wi-Fi is a hot topic among car OEMs and a small number of luxury brands have already launched LTE-based Wi-Fi hotspot solutions during the past twelve months. more

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AT&T to Provide Telematics to Tesla Cars

AT&T has signed a new multi-year exclusive agreement to equip Tesla vehicles in North America with high speed wireless connectivity.  more

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