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Tajik Officials Reverse Ban Against Mobile Phone Ads

Tajikistan's industry and government officials say a government ban on mobile phone advertising in Dushanbe has been suspended, more

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Uganda Rejects Call to Lower Mobile Phone Sales Tax

Uganda's politicians have voted down a proposal to scrap a sales tax on mobile phones following concerns from the government that it needs the revenues the taxes generate. more

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Tanzania network may be illegal

Members of Tanzania's parliament have been informed that the local GSM network, Mobitel has been operating without a valid cellular license for the past seven years. The opposition Minister of Communications and Transport made the allegations last week, adding that the company was also evading its taxes by not paying duty on imported GSM infrastructure. Mobitel is in dispute with the government at the moment over its alleged failure to hand back to the telecoms regulator unused radio spectrum, so that it can be allocated to several new entrants to the market. The minister also says that the company is operating a cellular license thanks to a court order, and has not formally received an operating license from the telecoms regulator." more

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Yugoslavia imposes cell phone tax

In Yugoslavia, the Serbian parliament has passed a resolution imposing new taxes on the ownership and usage of cellular phones. The new tax will be imposed at the rate of US$3 per month, with an additional sales tax of US$3 when a phone is sold. The government also imposed higher taxes on vehicles, boats and weapons." more

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