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Deutsche Telekom Mulls Sale of Dutch Subsidiary

Germany's Deutsche Telekom is reportedly considering a sale of its Dutch subsidiary. A sale could earn as much as US$5.7 billion for the German owners. more

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Sigfox: A new wireless network in the Czech Republic

T-Mobile and Blue Cell Network are partnering with Sigfox to bring a wireless network dedicated to the Internet of Things to the Czech Republic.  more

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T-Mobile Offering Cash to Find Bugs on its Websites

The Czech Republic's T-Mobile says that it has paid out CZK 700,000 to people who have uncovered problems with its website. more

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Czech Networks Agree to Share LTE Infrastructure

Two Czech Republic based mobile operators, O2 and T-Mobile have signed an agreement on sharing their LTE networks.  more

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T-Mobile Expands Testing of E-Mailed Monthly Invoices

Six months after the initial pilot transfer in September 2013, Czech Republic based T-Mobile has decided to offer electronic statements to another 125,000 customers for testing. more

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Czech Networks in 4G Infrastructure Sharing Talks

Two Czech Republic networks have started talks that could see them sharing their LTE network infrastructure. more

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Deutsche Telekom Pays $1.1 Billion for Remainder of T-Mobile Czech Republic

Germany's Deutsche Telekom has announced that it is paying EUR800 million (US$1.1 billion) to buy the remaining nearly 40% of T-Mobile Czech Republic that it does not already own. more

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T-Mobile Staff to Transfer to Huawei in Managed Services Agreement

T-Mobile is reported to have outsourced the management of its Dutch network to Huawei, with the transfer of 80 staff to the Chinese vendor. more

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Dutch Regulator Permits Traffic Throttling on Public Wi-Fi Networks

The Netherlands Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) has granted T-Mobile authority to restrict some data intensive services on the Wi-Fi network it provides to the national railway operator. more

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T-Mobile to Challenge Outcome of Austrian Radio Spectrum Auction

T-Mobile Austria expects to seek the annulment of the recently concluded radio spectrum auction on the grounds that the way it was carried out has left phone companies with excessive fees for the spectrum they won. more

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