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Practically All New Viruses Now Targeting Android Users

A total of 277 new threat families and variants were discovered, 275 of which targeted Android, one iPhone, and one Symbian. more

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Microsoft Overtakes BlackBerry in US Smartphone Sales

Microsoft has overtaken BlackBerry in the US smartphone market, although both are far behind the market leaders, Android and Apple. more

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Nokia to Stop Symbian Smartphone Shipments this Summer

Nokia is expect to finally stop production of its Symbian based smartphones this summer as the company completes its migration over to the Windows Phone operating system supplied by Microsoft. more

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Windows OS Smartphones to Overtake Symbian and BlackBerry by 2014

Annual shipments of Windows enabled smartphones will surpass Symbian shipments this year, in 2013, then Windows will surpass BlackBerry OS shipments next year, in 2014 more

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Nokia Rolling Out Upgrade for Symbian Belle Based Smartphones

Nokia's continued support for its Symbian OS got a boost when the company announced a number of upgrades for the Belle release of the software. more

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Android and iOS Surge to New Smartphone OS Record in Second Quarter

According to IDC, Android amassed a commanding 68.1% market share of all smartphones shipped during the quarter, while BlackBerry and Symbian reached just 4.8% and 4.4% respectively. more

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Samsung Retains Top Spot in USA Mobile Phone Market

Samsung has retained its title as the top handset manufacturer overall in the USA with 25.9 percent market share, according to comScore.  more

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Samsung Overtakes Apple as Top Smartphone Vendor - According to IDC

The worldwide smartphone market grew 42.5% year over year in 1Q12, as Samsung overtook Apple for the smartphone leadership position.  more

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Symbian Still Top Smartphone OS in the Middle East

Symbian is still the top smartphone operating system in the Middle-East, according to traffic analysis by the mobile advertising agency, InMobi. more

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Nokia Expands Microsoft Office Apps to Symbian Smartphones

Nokia has announced that Symbian smartphone users can now download Microsoft Office Mobile app optimised for their handset.  more

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