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Researchers Make Major Step Towards Faster Chips

A team of scientists and engineers is the first to create one of two basic types of semiconductors using an exotic, new, one-atom-thick material called graphene. The findings could help open the door to computer chips that are not only smaller and hold more memory -- but are also more adept at uploading large files, downloading movies, and other data- and communication-intensive tasks. more

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Rice-led project aims to boost performance on microprocessors

The USA's Rice University has been given a US$16 million fund to develop a new set of tools that can improve the performance of virtually any application running on any microprocessor. more

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Virgin Mobile May Struggle in Shifting Demographic Aim

Virgin Mobile USA may find itself with growing pains as it attempts to mature alongside its youthful customer base. more

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UPDATE: Virgin Mobile to Acquire Helio in All-Stock Deal

Virgin Mobile USA agreed to buy Helio for $39 million in stock as the two struggling mobile-service resellers place bets that their combined operations will fare better in the tightening wireless market. more

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UPDATE: Few Snags Expected for Verizon Wireless, Alltel

Verizon Wireless' bid to purchase Alltel isn't expected to hit major regulatory snags even though the merged entity would create the nation's largest cellphone company. more

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Nokia Research Center opens 'lablet' in Helsinki University of Technology

Nokia has announced the expansion of its research activities with the opening of a research lablet on the Otaniemi campus of Helsinki University of Technology. more

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Nokia Plans Swiss Research Facilities

Nokia and the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Lausanne and Zurich (EPFL and ETH Zurich) have announced the establishment of a joint long-term research program. more

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Vonage's Going-Concern Puts Debt Issue in Focus

Vonage Holdings, which freed itself from legal binds last year, may find itself tied up with an unforgiving credit market in 2008. more

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Bidding Slow For 10-Megahertz D-Block Airwaves in FCC Auction

One of the largest sections of communications airwaves being sold by the Federal Communications Commission has received only one bid after four rounds of an auction, according to information released by the agency. more

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Collapse of Frontline Poses Questions for FCC Spectrum Plan

With the collapse of telecommunications venture Frontline Wireless, analysts are questioning whether a plan for a national wireless broadband network for police and firefighters is still viable. more

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