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Speech Recognition Systems Struggle with Male Voices

Speech recognition systems find it harder to understand men than women, reports a new study by the University of Edinburgh.  more

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Spinvox Reported Close to Being Sold

Troubled voice to text translation company, Spinvox is reported to be in talks to be brought by US based speech recognition company, Nuance. more

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New radio chip mimics human ear

MIT engineers have built a fast, ultra-broadband, low-power radio chip, modeled on the human inner ear, that could enable wireless devices capable of receiving cell phone, Internet, radio and television signals. more

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Speech Applications in Mobile Computing to Triple by 2014

As individuals around the world become more accustomed to using mobile computing devices in hands-busy, eyes-busy environments, the market for speech recognition technologies within these devices is expected to gain considerable traction within the next five years. more

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Star Trek's Universal Translator - Within Just a Few Years?

Progress being made by European researchers on automatic speech-to-speech translation technology could help the EU tackle one of the biggest remaining boundaries to internal trade, mobility and the free exchange of information - language. more

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Emotional Machines - Making User Interfaces More "Human"

Emotions are an intrinsic part of communications. But machines don't have, perceive or react to them, which makes us - their handlers - hot under the collar. But thanks to building blocks developed by European researchers, machines that 'feel' may no longer be confined to science fiction. more

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Bharti Airtel Awards National IVR Contract to Nokia Siemens

Nokia Siemens Networks has been awarded a pan India contract from Bharti Airtel for deployment of a single Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform across all 23 circles. The three year turnkey and multi-million Euro contract includes designing, planning, systems integration and optimization services. more

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Speech Recognition and GPS Key to iPhone Killer Strategy


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Silent Revolution of Speech I/O in Mobile Phones

Not long ago, speech I/O was heralded as the "idealistic" way to interact with mobile phones and the next great technology revolution." more

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PEBL Goes Pastel

Continuing to bring vibrant color to consumers everywhere, Motorola is adding four shades to the iconic PEBL, showcasing the driving importance of color inspiration in the mobile space. The four fun mobiles also come equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology and independent speech recognition for true hands-free calling and its quad band antenna lets you show your inner color wherever your travels may take you.


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