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ZTE Aims to be a Top-5 Phone Manufacturer This Year

China's ZTE is close to breaking into the top-5 of global handset manufacturers after it saw handset shipments jump by 40% in 2008 to reach 45 million units, more

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Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Down by 5% in Q4 '08

The global economic downturn had a significant impact on the mobile phone industry as worldwide mobile phone sales to end users totalled 314.7 million units in the fourth quarter of 2008, a 4.6 per cent decline from the fourth quarter of 2007, more

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Western European Mobile Phone Market now in Recession

Three consecutive quarters of negative growth have led the Western European mobile phone market into recession. According to IDC's European Mobile Phone Tracker, vendors shipped 53.6 million units in 4Q08, 13.5% lower than the 62 million units shipped in 4Q07. more

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Industry to Settle on a Generic Phone Charger for All Mobile Phones

The GSMA and 17 mobile operators and manufacturers have announced that they are committed to implementing a cross-industry standard for a universal charger for new mobile phones. more

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Sony Ericsson pre-loads Fun Text in Customised Handset

Sony Ericsson has announced a deal with mobile messaging service provider Fun Text to pre-load the Fun Text application onto one of its new handsets, which Hutchison 3G is to launch in Q2 this year. more

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Nokia and Motorola Dominate Chinese Smartphone Market

The success in brand and product allows Nokia and Motorola the accumulative advantage in smart phone market. It is forecasted that their market share will even reach over 90% under a better for better effect, which is particularly prominent in the smart phone market. more

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Economic Downturn Sparked a Battle for 3rd Place in Mobile Phone Market

Worldwide sales of mobile phones to end-users reached more than 309 million units in the third quarter of 2008. Growth dipped back into single figures, representing less than half the 16 percent growth rate of the same period in 2007. more

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GPS Smartphones Generating Renewed Momentum for the LBS Infrastructure Industry

The recent launches of GPS-enabled smartphones with touch screen interfaces are fueling interest in handset-based navigation and location based services (LBS) despite the worsening economic climate. more

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T-Mobile Planning "Google Phone" Launch at End of Sept - report

T-Mobile USA is reported to be planning a launch of its first Google Android phone within just a few weeks.  more

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Sony Ericsson Launches its First AWS Handset on T-Mobile USA

Sony Ericsson has announced the expansion of its carrier channels in the USA to include T-Mobile USA, starting with the launch of the TM506 in early September. more

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