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Rural Base Stations to Divert Surplus Electricity to Local Communities

A new programme will support and encourage mobile network operators and tower-sharing companies in developing countries to provide excess power generated by their base stations to local, off-grid communities. more

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StarHub Deploys Solar-Powered Cellular Base Station Enabled Vehicle

Singapore's StarHub has deployed the country's first solar-powered cellular BTS-enabled vehicle, the Mobile 'Greenergy' vehicle. more

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Turkcell using wind to power base stations

Zephyr Corp has announced that Turkcell is using its wind turbines to power off-grid sites in the Izmir, Antalya and Adana provinces of Turkey. more

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Turbina IPD Contracts with Mobitel to Install Vertical Wind Turbine

Turbina IPD, a manufacturer of vertical wind turbines in Bosnia and Herzegovina, says that it has received its first wind turbine purchase order from Slovenian mobile network, Mobitel.  more

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Indian Government Pushing Renewable Energy for Base Stations

A government panel has been set up to promote the use of renewable energy in the Indian telecoms sector. more

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Optical chip enables new approach to quantum computing

An international research group led by scientists from the University of Bristol has developed a new approach to quantum computing that could soon be used to perform complex calculations that cannot be done by today's computers. more

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Grameenphone to purchase solar power to run its base stations

Bangladesh mobile network operator, Grameenphone says that it has signed agreements with three solar power producing companies for purchasing solar power to operate 140 of its off-grid base station sites. more

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Flying Cars and Personalised Robots by 2110 say Children of Today

A junior think tank has predicted that flying cars, personalised robots and homes made entirely out of recycled materials will all be commonplace in 2110 Britain.  more

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Mobile Phone Recycling Efforts - Industry Faces a Long Road to "Green"

Given the ubiquity of mobile phones around the globe, it is critical for the manufacturers of these devices to demonstrate their corporate responsibility by working toward greener phones that simplify safe and proper disposal and even reuse of the billions of mobile phones in the market.  more

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Wax, soap clean up obstacles to better Li-Ion batteries

A little wax and soap can help build electrodes for cheaper lithium ion batteries, according to a study in an August issue of Nano Letters. The one-step method will allow battery developers to explore lower-priced alternatives to the lithium ion-metal oxide batteries currently on the market. more

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