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Mass Arrests in China to Clamp Down on SMS Spam

Chinese authorities have arrested over 1,500 people in a clamp down on spam messages being sent by SMS. more

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People Accidentally Adopt a Polar Bear in Text Message Autocorrect Mistake

Recently, smartphone text messaging autocorrecting has lead to a number of charity donations aimed at funding Cancer research going towards adopting a polar bear. more

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UK Mobile Operators Launch Consumer Spam Reporting Service

The UK's four mobile networks have joined with the UK's privacy commissioner to tackle nuisance text messages by using the GSMA's Spam Reporting Service. more

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Fraudster Bombarded with the Works of Shakespeare - by SMS

A person who was ripped off when buying a second hand games console from an internet website has got his revenge, by texting the entire works of Shakespere to the fraudster -- one SMS at a time. more

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Iraq's Asiacell Orders SMS Spam Blocking Service

Iraq's Asiacell has ordered an anti-spam software plaform from the Irish software developer, Anam Technologies. more

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Man who killed texter in cinema was also texting

A dispute over sending a text message in a cinema resulted in a retired policeman shooting the phone user earlier this year. more

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UK Regulator Relaxes Regulations on Charity SMS Donations

British charities are seeing an increase in donations made by text message following changes introduced by the premium rate payments regulator, PhonepayPlus. more

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Pakistan Proposing Limit on Sending Text Messages

Pakistan's Telecommunication Authority is understood to be considering imposing a daily cap on how many text messages can be sent from an individual phone number to try and cut down on Spam. more

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AT&T to Scrap Charges for International Text Messages

USA based AT&T has announced that it will scrap the costs for sending messages overseas for customers on its Mobile Share and Mobile Share Value plans. more

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New Zealand Firm Fined for Sending SMS and Email Spam

A New Zealand marketing company has been issued the country's largest ever fine for sending email and SMS spam messages. more

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