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One-Two Punch Knocks Wireless Semiconductor Market Back to 2003

The combination of the global recession and excess inventory has set back the wireless semiconductor market to levels not seen since 2003, more

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Accelerometers set to become leading MEMS device in 2013

When you turn your iPhone to the side and the screen automatically adjusts from portrait to landscape view, there’s an accelerometer at work. When you swing your Wii controller and bowl a virtual strike, there’s an accelerometer at work. more

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Consumer Demand Steady for iPhone, BlackBerry - But What About the Palm Pre?

In recent years, ChangeWave consumer surveys have chronicled a seismic shift to smart phones, with Apple and Research In Motion locked in a two-horse race while most of their competitors have been caught in a downward spiral. more

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Turning Soldiers' Helmets into a Wireless Mesh Network

Engineers at Vanderbilt University's Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS) have developed a system that can give soldiers just such an edge by turning their combat helmets into "smart nodes" in a wireless sensor network. more

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BlackBerry, iPhone Battle Raging On

Research In Motion and Apple continue to dominate the consumer smart phone market, according to the latest ChangeWave survey. The survey shows Apple enjoying another good quarter in the aftermath of its 3G iPhone release. more

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