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iSkype Therefore iPhone

VoIP provider Skype has confirmed speculation and announced that it has launched a Skype application for the Apple iPhone, which will be available on the Apple App Store from today. more

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Sony Launches WiFi Handheld

Sony seems to be moving slightly back into the mobile device market, and is launching WiFi communication and entertainment device to capitalize on the growth of wireless Internet access. The new mylo personal communicator is capable of operating in any open 802.11b wireless network. more

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One Hundred Million Mobile VOIP Users in 2011

As more consumers carry their iPods with them everywhere, they are hoping Apple will add WiFi and VOIP for the killer converged mobile entertainment device, according to a new study from ON World. more

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Consumer Electronic Cos Focus On Mobility At Trade Show

LAS VEGAS -(Dow Jones)- As companies show off their latest and greatest devices at the Consumer Electronic Show, each brimming with new features, one trend remains clear: the products are becoming more mobile.  more

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