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Texting, tweeting ought to be viewed as GR8 teaching tools, scholar says

According to a University of Illinois expert in media literacy, not only are critics who argue that texting is synonymous with literary degradation wrong, they also often overlook the bigger role that texting and its distant cousin, "tweeting," could play in education and research. more

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Open Wide - Dentists Urge Patents to Stop Texting During Treatment

Dentists are complaining that too many of their patients are trying to send text messages while receiving dental treatment. A survey by the Chicago Dental Society found that four out of five dentists reported problems with texting patients. more

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Students From Around The World Learn Through SMS

Students from around the world will be able to learn together by using SMS in the new school year 2009-2010. more

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Teens Admit to Using Cell Phones to Cheat in School

A new survey has found that over a third of American teenagers will use their cell phone to help cheat in school - while half admit to using the internet to cheat.  more

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Communicating with more than words

ICT is all about communication but it has never provided the semantic richness offered by the non-verbal cues that typically pepper face-to-face conversation. Thanks to European researchers, that is about to change. more

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When texting, eligible women express themselves better

The gender stereotypes on how the sexes communicate remains fodder for debate, but two Indiana University (IU) researchers have confirmed one thing: When men and women talk through technology, it's the women who are more expressive. more

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Report Says that SMS is Not Ideal for Emergency Communications

US trade group, 3G Americas has published a research report focusing on restrictions on the use of SMS as an emergency alert service. more

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British Parents Want Text Messages from their Children's Schools

According to a survey by Becta, the UK Government's education technology agency, over two-thirds of parents would like schools to use technologies such as SMS and the internet to communicate with them more frequently.  more

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