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Samsung Still Pushing Ahead with Tizen Based Smartphone Launch

Samsung is still pushing ahead with launching a Tizen based smartphone, despite dwindling support from other partners. more

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Amazon Kindle Coming to Samsung Smartphones

Samsung has announced that it is developing a mobile app that will support Amazon's Kindle e-book reader services. more

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Apple, Samsung and HTC Dominate Australian Smartphone Market

With the number of Australians (14+) with a smartphone fast approaching 12 million, Apple, Samsung and HTC now together comprise over 80% of the market,  more

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Samsung's Fingerprint Sensor Lock Already Broken

A security firm claims to have hacked the fingerprint sensor supplied in the Samsung Galaxy S5, which puts the sensor's application as a payment authorisation service in jeopardy. more

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Carries Astronomical Bill of Materials, Teardown Reveals

The latest member of Samsung's line of Galaxy smartphones ups the ante on features -- and on cost -- with the S5's discrete-intensive design yielding a high bill of materials (BOM). more

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Samsung Expected to Announce Camera Optimised Smartphone

Samsung seems preparing to launch a new smartphone optimised for camera users, or maybe something else entirely different. more

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US Retailer Paying Customers to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S5

Flagship smartphones are often launched with special offers as retailers scramble to signup up the early adopters, but one retailer is actually paying people to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone more

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Android OS Upgrades on their Way for Older Samsung Devices

Samsung is reportedly working on Android OS upgrades for a couple of its older devices, including one which was not expected to get the latest OS variant. more

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LinkedIn Offers Integration with the Samsung Galaxy S5

Business social networking service, LinkedIn says that it has developed a "deep integration" with Samsung's latest smartphone, the Galaxy S5. more

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SingTel Agrees to Promote Samsung Products and Services

The SingTel Group and Samsung have announced a collaboration to promote Samsung products and services across SingTel subsidiaries. more

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