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Financial Sites Popular Among Older European Mobile Web Users

comScore has reported that financial services sites, such as those offering banking and stock trading services, are the most popular among European mobile subscribers older than 55, more

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Samsung Wins Malaysian WiMAX Contract

Samsung has won a national WiMAX contract in Malaysia from YTL e-Solutions (YTLE), a subsidiary of YTL Corp.  more

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Business Users Will Fuel Mobile Data Growth in Europe - Report

Despite slowing revenue growth in the European mobile enterprise market, the business sector will fuel mobile data revenues for the next five years due to its high profitability, low levels of churn, and strong demand for mobile data services, more

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Light PC Users Are 30% More Likely than Heavy Users to Use Mobile Internet

People who are not glued to their computer all day long are more likely to use their mobile phone to access the internet, claims a study from comScore. more

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Mobile Games Market to Reach $10bn by 2013 - Growth to Be Restricted by Operators

While the arrival of the iPhone has generated a universally positive response from mobile games publishers and developers, the volume of paid-for mobile game downloads has nonetheless flatlined across North America and Western Europe, according to Juniper Research. more

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Mobile Internet held back by legacy data management

While customer insight influences mobile operators' growth and investment strategy, existing subscriber data simply do not give them enough information for analyzing customer behavior, according to new research. more

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Yankee Group Says the Mobile Internet Must Be Open

At Mobile Internet World 2008, Yankee Group released a new report that determines the success of the mobile internet depends on its ability to become a standardized open environment, like the fixed internet.  more

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Mobile Advertising Needs to Be Unobtrusive and Measurable to Really Take-off

The shift in the choice of new media makes the mobile an appealing advertising platform and arguably, the most direct channel to reach consumers. For mobile advertising to take-off however, it needs to overcome the annoyance factor and the perception of unsolicited content, where SMS-marketing has previously failed. more

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Mobile Advertising Takes Off with Tier-1 Operators Adopting the Service

With a mobile penetration rate of nearly 85 percent, the U.S. mobile operators have a customer base of almost 250 million waiting to be tapped for mobile advertising revenues. more

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