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Financial Sites Popular Among Older European Mobile Web Users

comScore has reported that financial services sites, such as those offering banking and stock trading services, are the most popular among European mobile subscribers older than 55, more

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Strong Consumer Interest in Wireless Power Charging

Citing research from sources including Ipsos Vantis, AcuPOLL, and Frost & Sullivan, the Wireless Power Consortium says there is a strong demand for its wireless power charging systems.  more

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RSA: IBM's Truskowski calls for securing the smarter planet

Bad economic times are when good companies have the opportunity to become great companies, IBM's Brian Truskowski told an audience at the RSA Conference. more

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Samsung Wins Malaysian WiMAX Contract

Samsung has won a national WiMAX contract in Malaysia from YTL e-Solutions (YTLE), a subsidiary of YTL Corp.  more

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RSA: The fundamental challenge of security versus privacy

A fundamental tension exists in balancing individual privacy rights and the collective right to security, Gary McGraw, CTO of application security vendor Cigital said at the RSA Conference Tuesday. more

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Telecom Policy Makers Urged to Focus on Rural Connectivity

The CEO of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah has urged the delegates attending the World Telecom Policy Forum to make affordable access to information and communication technologies by the rural communities the central focus of their policy-making. more

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RFID Sensor Detects Radiation Threats in Shipping Containers Using Modified Cell Phone Tech

Sicel Technologies, a privately held, specialty medical device company, says that it has entered into a partnership with Gentag, to create a first passive, disposable, wireless Radio Frequency Identification sensor to detect radiation threats in shipping containers using modified cell phone technology. more

Related Tags: sicel-technologies, gentag, rfid, radiation, intel, gps, tim, iden, radio-frequency, cell-phone, mesh

Self-assembled nanowires could make chips smaller and faster

Researchers at the University of Illinois have found a new way to make transistors smaller and faster. The technique uses self-assembled, self-aligned, and defect-free nanowire channels made of gallium arsenide. more

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Communicating with more than words

ICT is all about communication but it has never provided the semantic richness offered by the non-verbal cues that typically pepper face-to-face conversation. Thanks to European researchers, that is about to change. more

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New method could lead to narrower chip patterns

Researchers at MIT have found a novel method for etching extremely narrow lines on a microchip, using a material that can be switched from transparent to opaque, and vice versa, just by exposing it to certain wavelengths of light. more

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