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It'll All be Over by Christmas -- for European Roaming Charges

Politicians in the European Parliament have voted in favour of legislation to end roaming charges by Christmas 2015, more

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Oman Plans Clamp Down on Roaming Bill Shock

Oman's telecom's regulator, the TRA is reportedly planning a roaming cap that would come into effect later this year. more

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BT Selects Genband for LTE Diameter Signaling

UK's British Telecom (BT) has ordered a Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) from Genband to expand its existing Global IP Exchange (GIPX) services for LTE networks. more

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Smaller European Networks Worried About Roaming Regulations

A coalition of smaller mobile networks has warned that plans to scrap roaming charges for consumers, without also reviewing wholesale rates could put them at a competitive disadvantage. more

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Roaming to Represent 8% of Global Operator Billed Service Revenues by 2018

A new report has valued operator revenues generated from mobile roaming at nearly $90 billion by 2018, compared to $57 billion this year. This will represent over 8% of the global operator billed revenues by 2018. more

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T-Mobile Scraps Roaming Charges Between USA and Canada - for Machines

USA based T-Mobile has scrapped roaming charges for M2M users in USA or Canada. more

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Vodafone Australia Plans to Switch on LTE Roaming Shorty

Vodafone Australia has announced that it will be enabling LTE roaming at some point around the middle of this year. more

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Middle-East Regulators Discuss Curbs on Mobile Roaming Costs

The telecoms regulators from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have held their ninth meeting to discuss reforms of mobile roaming rates between their nations. more

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300 million extra customers for mobile networks when roaming charges end, survey claims

The vast majority of Europeans traveling overseas limit their use of mobile data services due to the cost, perceived or real, of the roaming charges, according to an EU funded study. more

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Canadians Get Cheaper Roaming to Cuba

Canadian telco, Bell has announced significant decreases in its mobile roaming prices for consumers travelling to Cuba, including reductions in the cost of data, voice and text roaming. more

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