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Maturing Palm Centro Again Signals Need for Innovation

As Palm is learning, consumers are a fickle bunch. Having ridden the success of the slimmer, cheaper Centro for nearly a year, President and Chief Executive Ed Colligan warned that the device was reaching maturation, suggesting slowing sales. more

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Apple iPhone's Halo Effect Yet to Reach Software Developers

Sliding software prices have damped the halo effect many music and software companies expected from selling their products through Apple's iPhone software store. more

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Apple's iPhone Must Avoid the Razr Trap

The maker of a hot-selling revolutionary phone cuts its price to spur more mass-market demand. Sound familiar? That happened to the Razr, and while the move spurred sales for a while, Motorola couldn't duplicate the success because it failed to innovate. more

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One in Ten Mobile Subscribers Have Music-Capable Phones

According to recently published research from Telephia, there are now 23.5 million mobile subscribers in the USA who have phones with integrated music players. The number of consumers with music-enabled phones is up five times from the same period in 2005 and nearly 20 percent of the new phones purchased in Q3 2006 were music capable. more

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Tech Execs Visit Las Vegas Seeking New Era For Hand-held Devices

SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones) -- If the creators of "Dick Tracy" or "Star Trek" were still alive and in Las Vegas in the coming days, they could be forgiven for asking for royalty payments.  more

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Mobile Phones Don't Just Talk The Talk

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones) -- David Chamberlain and his friends wanted to lunch on barbecue one day, but the nearest restaurant was a half-hour drive. So he flipped open his cell phone, checked his satellite-navigation service -- and found a tasty BBQ shack hidden just three miles away.  more

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Price Erosion May Spur Consolidation Among Mobile-Phone Display Suppliers

Continued severe price erosion in the market for small/medium displays is likely to lead to a consolidation among suppliers in the coming years, according to panel members speaking at iSuppli's Flat Information Displays 2006 (FID 2006). more

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TELECOM REPORT: Wireless Phones As Status Symbols

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones) -- It's not enough any more to make wireless phones that are easy to use, work well and have great features. Now more than ever, customers also want "cool" phones that cater to their self-image.  more

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Motorola Handset Most Desired for Xmas Shopping, the online shopping site has conducted a survey into what US customers list as their most desired presents for this Holiday Season. Identifying search and shopping patters from their network of online shopping and coupon websites, the 2005 Holiday Hot List highlights the top ten items sure to be on wish lists this season. Among the picks are the new Xbox 360 and 4GB Black iPod Nano, the latest innovations in gaming and consumer electronics from favorite brands, such as Microsoft and Apple. The list also features Motorola's razr Phone and the latest Plasma television from Panasonic, to name a few. more

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Nokia Sees Shortages Of N90 Phone Due To Strong Demand

STOCKHOLM -(Dow Jones)- Nokia Corp. (NOK) is seeing shortages of its much-hyped N90 camera phone due to strong initial demand, a spokesman told Dow Jones Newswires Monday.  more

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