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Latvia's LTM Refarming GSM Spectrum for 3G Services

Radio spectrum optimisation company, Mesaplexx,sayd that it has provided Latvia based mobile network, LMT with a spectrum optimisation platform for the roll out 3G services to its rural customers. more

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French Regulator Expands 3G in GSM Spectrum Use to Overseas Territories

The French telecoms regulator, ARCEP has published preliminary plans to allow the French overseas departments and territories to reuse their GSM radio spectrum for 3G services. more

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Thailand's TAC Unable to Launch 3G Services until 2009

Thailand's Total Access Communication (TAC) says that it will not be able to launch its 3G network until early next year at the earliest due to regulatory problems. more

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Bulgaria prepare to release spectrum for its second GSM network

The Bulgarian Defense Ministry has set up a department to work on releasing the necessary radio spectrum in the GSM900 region to enable a second GSM network to be set up. It is expected that the cost of migrating defense radios out of the GSM spectrum will cost about US$18 million. The government has not said whether the winner of the second license will have to cover the cost of the spectrum realignment. more

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