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Fitch:Acquiring Auction Spectrum would Bolster US Operator Strategy

Acquiring scarce spectrum resources is an important strategic key for many wireless operators and the upcoming advanced wireless services-3 (AWS-3) auction scheduled for Nov. 13, 2014 will allow for gains that could help bolster long-term strategy,  more

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US Regulator Sets $10 Billion Reserve Price on Radio Spectrum Auction

The US telecoms regulator has set a US$10 billion reserve price on the radio spectrum it is planning to auction off later this year. more

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USA's Largest Networks to be Restricted in Next Year's Spectrum Auction

The USA's two largest mobile networks are to be restricted in how much spectrum they can bid for in next year's radio spectrum auction. more

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Verizon Pushes for Radio Spectrum Auction Reforms

The US telecoms regulator is coming under pressure from the country's two largest mobile networks to drop rules designed to support the smaller carriers. more

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US Regulator Planning Largest Spectrum Auction Since 2008

The USA's telecoms regulator has announced plans to auction off 65Mhz of radio spectrum. This will be the largest block made available for auction since the 700 MHz band was auctioned in 2008.  more

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US Regulator Raises $1.56 billion from Radio Spectrum Auction

The US telecoms regulator completed its H-Block radio spectrum auction last week, and raised US$1.564 billion from the sale, which matched the reserve price set by the regulator. more

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FCC Announces Plans for 1900Mz Radio Spectrum Auction

The USA's telecoms regulator has indicated that it will auction off a block of licenses in the 1915-1920 MHz ("Lower H Block") and 1995-2000 MHz ("Upper H Block") bands early next year. more

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USA Reaffirms Plans to Release More Radio Spectrum for Mobile Broadband

The USA's President has announced several new initiatives to bolster the availability of wireless spectrum for mobile broadband services. more

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USA and Canada to Harmonize Radio Spectrum Along Border Regions

The US and Canadian telecom regulators have agreed on ten interim spectrum sharing arrangements covering operations along their common borders. more

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Limiting Participation in US Spectrum Auctions Could Decrease Revenues By 40%

A new study on the potential impact of the FCC spectrum incentive auction rules if the Commission bans or limits participation of qualified auction bidders claims that the government would earn 40% less than in an open auction. more

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