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AT&T Agrees to Acquire AWS Spectrum from Aloha Partners II

USA based AT&T has agreed to acquire 49 Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum licenses from Aloha Partners II. Financial terms were not disclosed. more

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Moody's says AT&T's 700 MHz spectrum purchase is positive

Moody's believes that this spectrum purchase and the company's previously announced plan to boost wireless capex will help improve its competitive position. more

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AT&T Gets Conditional Approval for $1.9 Billion Radio Spectrum Purchase

USA based AT&T sasy that it has been given regulatory approvals for its previously announced acquisition of spectrum from Qualcomm. more

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Qualcomm's $1.9 Billion Sale of Radio Spectrum to AT&T Hits Regulatory Delay

AT&T's previously announced US$1.9 billion deal to buy a chunk of radio spectrum from Qualcomm has hit a regulatory hurdle after the US regulator, the FCC decided to delay its approval. more

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Qualcomm Sells Radio Spectrum to AT&T for $2 Billion

AT&T has announced that it is paying US$1.925 billion for radio spectrum currently owned by Qualcomm. The spectrum in in the lower 700 MHz frequency band and will be used to boost AT&T's planned LTE coverage in the years ahead. more

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AT&T May Spend $1 Billion to Buy Qualcomm's Mobile TV Radio Spectrum

Qualcomm is reported to have held talks with US mobile network, AT&T over the possible sale of radio spectrum that Qualcomm picked up for its mobile TV service.  more

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Google Still 'Very Interested' In Spectrum Auction

Google remains "very interested" in participating in the Federal Communications Commission's upcoming radio spectrum auction, according to the person at the company responsible for its wireless strategy." more

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AT&T Criticizes FCC's 'Open Access' Spectrum Proposal

AT&T said the Federal Communications Commission's proposal to open the radio spectrum auction to more technology companies would lower the value of the licenses and "deprive taxpayers of billions of dollars." more

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FCC Draft Auction Rules a win for Google, Hi-Tech Industry"

The hi-tech industry, led by Google, scored a big victory over incumbent broadband providers this week as draft rules released by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin for a highly anticipated radio-spectrum auction have incorporated many of the hi-tech industry's demands." more

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FCC Mulls Cos' Positions On Auction Of Prized Radio Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission's consultation on the rules of its upcoming radio spectrum auction closed this week, and in their last-minute submissions few of the likely participants in the auction changed the arguments they had been making in private in recent months." more

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