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Norway to Auction 1800Mhz Spectrum Next Year

The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) has decided to award the three available blocks in the 1800 MHz band by multiround ascending auction. more

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Vodafone Request to Renew Indian Licenses Rejected

India's Department of Telecom has rejected a request by Vodafone for automatic renewal of seven of its expiring mobile operator licenses. more

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Greek Regulator Opens Consultation on Fresh Spectrum Auction

Greece's telecoms regulator has announced a public consultation on plans for a radio spectrum auction. more

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UK Regulator Consults on Releasing 700Mhz Spectrum for Mobile Broadband

The UK's telecoms regulator has launched a consultation on how to use 700Mhz spectrum for mobile broadband services. more

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New Indian Government Urged to Speed up Radio Spectrum Auctions

The new Indian government has been called upon to speed up the auction of additional radio spectrum so that mobile networks can support growing demand for faster internet speeds. more

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New Zealand Outlines Plans for 700Mhz Spectrum Allocation

New Zealand's ICT Minister Amy Adams has announced the two sets of options that will be used for assigning the 700 MHz radio spectrum band between the successful bidders in the Government's recent auction. more

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US Regulator Sets $10 Billion Reserve Price on Radio Spectrum Auction

The US telecoms regulator has set a US$10 billion reserve price on the radio spectrum it is planning to auction off later this year. more

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USA's Largest Networks to be Restricted in Next Year's Spectrum Auction

The USA's two largest mobile networks are to be restricted in how much spectrum they can bid for in next year's radio spectrum auction. more

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Argentina to Hold its First Radio Spectrum Auction in 15 Years

The Argentine government has outlined plans to auction off nearly 250Mhz of additional radio spectrum. more

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Verizon Pushes for Radio Spectrum Auction Reforms

The US telecoms regulator is coming under pressure from the country's two largest mobile networks to drop rules designed to support the smaller carriers. more

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