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Commission proposes to boost mobile internet services with high-quality radio frequencies

The European Commission has presented a proposal to coordinate the use of the 700MHz band for mobile services. more

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Australia Auctions Off Blocks of 1800Mhz Spectrum

Australian mobile networks have collectively paid AU$543.5 million in a radio spectrum auction run by the telecoms regulator, the ACMA. more

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Philippines is one of only 2 countries to have unused 700MHz frequency

The Philippines has yet again made a record for itself, this time belonging to a list of countries in the world that has not used its 700 MHz spectrum frequency.  more

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Easier access to spectrum for Internet of Things

Australian operators of machine to machine (M2M) wireless communications links used in the Internet of Things (IoT) will find it easier to access spectrum under proposed changes to regulatory arrangements. more

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MTS and VimpelCom to Share LTE Radio Spectrum

Two of Russia's largest mobile network operators, MTS and VimpelCom has expanded an agreement to jointly build a LTE network. more

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Thai Regulator to Push Ahead with Spectrum Auction

Thailand's telecoms regulator has been given clearance to auction off two licenses holding 900Mhz radio spectrum. more

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Palestinian Mobile Networks Secure Deal on Radio Spectrum

An Israeli-Palestinian agreement has been reached on the assignment of radio frequencies for the exclusive use by Palestinian cellular operators as well as on a shared basis by Palestinian and Israeli operators. more

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Fitch: 4G Spectrum Win Reduces AIS's Rating Headroom

Thailand's Advanced Info Service (AIS), which won 4G spectrum at a recent auction, should have sufficient buffer to support the investment, although its credit metrics are likely to deteriorate, more

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Moldova to Hold Radio Spectrum Auction

Moldova's telecoms regulator has release details of a spectrum license auction for the use of radio frequencies more

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ARCEP assigns frequencies in the 1800MHz band to Free Mobile

This marks the final stage in implementing the guidelines on introducing technological neutrality in the 1800 MHz band, which were published on 12 March 2013. more

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