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Total RAN Market Declines at a Double-Digit Rate

The total Radio Access Network (RAN) Infrastructure market declined at a double-digit rate year-over-year in 1Q16 as revenues in all regions declined for the first time in four years. more

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NEC and Intel collaborate in mobile base station virtualization

NEC says that it is to collaborate with Intel to jointly develop a \"Cloud-Radio Access Network (Cloud-RAN) solution\" for virtualizing the functions of mobile base stations. more

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Huawei Takes Top Spot in Radio Access Network Market

Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia maintained the top three revenue share ranking for the overall RAN market, more

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ITU and ETSI agree method to assess energy efficiency of mobile networks

ITU and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) have agreed a new standard to measure the energy efficiency of mobile radio access networks (RANs), the wireless networks that connect end-user equipment to the core network. more

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Asia-Pacific Drove RAN Market to Double-Digit Growth in 2014

Asia-Pacific regional growth in basestations dominated in 2014 as it continued to account for the majority of worldwide basestation deployments.  more

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Elisa, Nokia Networks boost speed of uploading content to web

Elisa and Nokia Networks have jointly conducted successful tests of Centralized RAN under extreme load conditions at the packed Hartwall Arena in Helsinki.  more

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Worldwide RAN Market Tops $16 B in 1H 2014

The worldwide Radio Access Network (RAN) market advanced at a double-digit rate in the second quarter 2014, recording its strongest year-over-year growth rate since the third quarter of 2011. more

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LTE RAN Revenues to Approach $22 Billion by 2018

The Mobile Radio Access Network (RAN) LTE equipment market for both macro and small cell radios will witness tremendous growth over the next five years, with LTE RAN revenue levels expected to outdo the RAN revenue peaks of GSM in 2007 and WCDMA in 2011. more

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TD-LTE RAN Revenues Grow More Than Five-Fold in Fourth Quarter 2013

The TD-LTE RAN market grew rapidly in the fourth quarter 2013, offsetting declining RAN technologies (GSM, WCDMA, CDMA) more

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NSN software enables up to 10-times faster uploads in dense traffic areas

NSN says that it has developed software that creates a centralized RAN that links together multiple base stations and turns the interference into useful traffic, especially in dense traffic areas with a large number of smart devices. more

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