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T-Mobile: No security breach in alleged hacking

T-Mobile USA said Tuesday that it did not suffer a security breach after a hacker claimed this weekend to have accessed the company's servers. more

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EU-Funded Study Warns of GPS Phone Privacy Concerns

At a time when privacy issues are higher on the news agenda than ever, the EU-funded Network of Excellence FIDIS (Future of Identity in the Information Society) is urging users to safeguard their digital identity and privacy, especially when using mobile technologies. more

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RSA: The fundamental challenge of security versus privacy

A fundamental tension exists in balancing individual privacy rights and the collective right to security, Gary McGraw, CTO of application security vendor Cigital said at the RSA Conference Tuesday. more

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Mobile Web Analytics Platform Tracks Users Over Different Network Connections

Mobile billing and analytics firm, Bango has launched its latest version of its site tracking platform, which the firm says can now track a mobile internet user even if they switch from cellular to Wi-Fi whilst visiting the same website. more

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NSA Spies On Americans Outside The Law

The American Civil Liberties Union says that the USA's National Security Agency has been intercepting Americans' emails and phone calls in recent months to an extent that exceeded even the overbroad limits permitted under the controversial spying legislation passed last summer. more

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Communicating with more than words

ICT is all about communication but it has never provided the semantic richness offered by the non-verbal cues that typically pepper face-to-face conversation. Thanks to European researchers, that is about to change. more

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World's First Femtocell Standard Published by 3GPP

Three trade bodies, The Femto Forum, 3GPP and the Broadband Forum have jointly announced that the world's first femtocell standard has been officially published by 3GPP, paving the way for interoperability between different vendors' access points and femto gateways. more

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Ugandan women activists vent their opposition to telephone tapping bill

The proposed telephone tapping bill by the Ugandan authorities will increase domestic violence; women activists in Uganda have warned. more

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Passenger In-Flight Mobile Use Exceeds 40% on Malaysia Airlines

Passengers on Malaysia Airlines are proving some of the world’s most enthusiastic users of in-flight mobiles as they embrace the AeroMobile service. On some flights, passenger adoption has exceeded 40%. more

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Verizon Wireless Settles Velveteen Rabbit Lawsuit

After filing a lawsuit last month, Verizon Wireless says that it has settled its dispute with a firm which spammed its customers with adverts for a forthcoming movie, The Velveteen Rabbit.  more

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