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Record sales of Portable Navigation Devices in Europe

With 18.1 million units sold in 2008, demand for Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs) increased by 3 million units compared to 2007; a 20 percent rise. In quarter 4 the economic crisis took its toll on the market. more

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New Applications Boost Small/Medium Display Market

While mobile handsets continue to be the dominant application for small- and medium-sized Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs), new uses such as Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs), digital photo frames and MP3/Portable Media Players (PMPs) are generating rising sales in this area, according to iSuppli. more

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Mobile Phones Drive Small LCD Shipments Past 3.8 Billion Units in 2007

As the mobile-phone market goes, so goes the small/medium LCD market. Subscriber growth in emerging regions, combined with replacement and upgrade sales, will drive the mobile-phone market past the 1 billion unit mark for the first time in 2007, iSuppli predicts. Largely because of this, shipments of small/medium LCDs - i.e. displays smaller than 10-inches in diagonal size that are used in devices like mobile phones and many other products - will exceed 3.8 billion units this year, up 6.3 percent from 3.6 billion in 2006. more

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